Certified Hypnotist and Sex Coach Shares His Secrets to Sexually Satisfying ANY Woman by Giving Her the Best Orgasms She Ever Had

What do Leonardo DiCaprio, Sir Richard Branson and Hugh Jackman  have in common?

They ALL attribute their success to having a coach

"This was the best sex I ever had..."

A couple of years ago no woman ever said these words to me. 

I sucked in bed.

I know....I know...

That's not the kind of statement most guys would feel comfortable making.

But hey, I want to be honest with you.

The truth is that for the most part of my life, I was a terrible lover.

Actually, I feel bad for all the girls who had to endure my desperate attempts to make them come while licking their vagina...at all the wrong places.

Let's be real.

I, just like most guys nowadays, "learned" sex while watching porn.

That's why I thought that penetrating a woman like a high-voltage jackhammer was the solution to all my problems.

Boy, I was so wrong.

My 20-year-old self knew nothing about sex...just like Jon Snow.

  • I didn't know how to make a woman feel relaxed in bed and at the same time so horny that her pants are turning into a lake.
  • I didn't know how to stimulate a woman's clitoris in a way that feels incredible for her.
  • Heck, I didn't even know where the G-Spot is located...let alone how to stimulate it.

I mean, I had heard about that thing. But where to find it? How much pressure to apply on it?

I had no freaking clue.

The worst part about all of this:

I had no clue that I was clueless..

...until I met this one girl.

I still remember her smile. Her scent. Her body.

Her breasts were absolutely perfect. Her ass was out of this world. And our sexual connection was through the roof.

It was so insane that I got a full-on erection in the elevator whenever I picked her up in the lobby of my apartment.

It was an incredible experience...except one thing...

I wasn't able to make her come.

I just couldn't do it. No chance.

And yeah, I know what you are expecting now.

The story has to continue just like in a movie.

Guy meets girl.

She leaves him for someone better.

He embarks on a journey of self-improvement.

But fortunately, that's not what happened.

She became my teacher.

Even though she was younger than me (yeah I know...kind of embarrassing but hey, it's the truth), she thought me how to satisfy a woman in bed.

  • She was patient with me.
  • She taught me everything about female anatomy and desire.
  • She f$cked me into heaven and on cloud nine until I transformed from Padawan into Jedi Master.

She probably thought:

"The force is strong in this one!"

Instead of a light saber I'm equipped with lube, sex toys...and my penis.

Anyway, enough of the stupid Star Wars metaphors.

Okay, one more:

Now that I had all this knowledge and was already transforming the lives of so many amazing men as a dating coach, I knew I had to share what I learned about satisfying women with other men.

That's why I eventually started the Sexucation for Men Podcast, which has made it in the list of the Top 100 Podcasts on iTunes in the category sexuality.

After more than 1,000,000 podcast downloads I am dedicated to one goal:

I want to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and mindsets to make ANY woman say the following words right after you slept with her for the very first time:

"This was the best sex I ever had!!!"

Unfortunately, the reality of most married men and men in committed relationships looks nothing like that...

You don't want to hear from your partner what this man had to hear...

Do you really want to wait until your wife or girlfriend wants to cheat on you...with a WOMAN...because you just can't satisfy her?

  • What if you do NOT want to find out that the woman you love is cheating on you...or at least fantasizing about it?
  • What if you do NOT want to feel emasculated, pathetic, and undesirable because you just can't give the woman in your life what she NEEDS so desperately?
  • What if you do NOT want her to leave you for another man who knows the right techniques to satisfy her in bed and to make her come over and over again?

In this case, I want to ask you three simple questions that have the power to change the course of your life...

"I know that I look quite young but I'm actually in my 30s and I have over a decade of experience as a certified coach and hypnotist"

As an accredited coach I have helped hundreds of men to improve their sex life and to gain the ability to sexually satisfy their partner:  

And as a certified Confidence Coach I can help you to become confident in the bedroom, confident at communicating your sexual fantasies and confident at satisfying your woman better than you ever have:

Now that you know a bit about me (e.g. that I look way younger than I am hehe) and my credentials, it's time to ask you the three questions I mentioned earlier: 

  • Are you ready to become an expert at female pleasure?
  • Are you ready to know more about satisfying a woman in bed than 99.99% of men in this world?
  • Are you ready to make her say "this is the best sex I ever had" while she's snuggling up to you...her naked body all sweaty after her third orgasm?

If you say "yes" to any of these three questions, the...

Sex God Transformation Coaching Program

...will change your life...and the life of every woman you will ever sleep with.

You don't need a 6-inch cock, abs like Rhyan Reynolds or the stamina of a professional pornstar...who are by the way taking blue pills before every shooting.

What you really need to make a woman come is a simple, yet profound realization.

Being a great lover is a skill you can learn, not an ability you are born with.

I'm sure you want the woman (or women) in your life to...

  • Desire sex with you so much that she walks into your room naked, unzips your pants and takes your dick in her mouth before you can even say a word.
  • Achieve an orgasm on command, even if she might not know how to articulate what she likes because you KNOW how to make ANY woman come.
  • Look at you with eyes that communicate lust and admiration because she has the feeling that you are her man, her hero, and her lover...and she'll never want to sleep with another man ever again.

This will be your reality once you have achieved sexual mastery by completing the Sex God Transformation Coaching Program.

Now have a look at what you'll learn, practice and master during the next 8 weeks (This 8-Week Coaching Program consists of eight private One-on-One 60-Minute Coaching Sessions):


  • I reveal the 3 "Sensual Lover" Mindsets with you that made me a more creative, powerful, and confident lover.
  • We discuss the concept of Sexual Frames and how you can step into "Passion Frames" to overcome your sexual insecurities.
  • I share incredibly powerful warmup exercises with you that can lead to stronger erections, more stamina and a feeling of relaxation and calmness before you have sex.
  • You also learn sensual warmup exercises that you can do with your woman as a way to bond emotionally and increase the sexual tension.


  • We take a close and honest look at ways how you can maximize your physical attractivness with style, diet, exercise and self-care AND how you can feel more sexually attractive on command.
  • I share different techniques with you that allow you to connect with your sexual energy, to experience it and to finally feel at peace with it and embrace it (so many men in our politically correct society feel shame and guilt in regards to their sexual energy...maybe you are one of them).
  • We discuss how to sexually communicate your desires to your partner and how you make it easy for her to open up about her fantasies, kinks and desires...which she has most likely never done with any other man.
  • You tap into your sexual energy during a quick but powerful "Energetic Activation Meditation" that has the potential to change your sex life because you'll be able to repeat this exercise whenever you want after we practiced it once.


  • We evaluate your current level of sexual confidence and I share the 3 Pillars of Sexual Confidence with you that define a man who has achieved a level of sexual mastery.
  • You practice specific mindfulness exercises that allow you to stay calm in the heat of the moment AND that lead to a whole new understanding of female pleasure.
  • We create an actionable step-by-step plan for you to reach a higher level of sexual confidence by creating a higher and better "Enlightened Lover" version of yourself.
  • You experience what it feels like to be confident beyond measure and free from any performance anxiety during a Sexual Confidence Hypnosis in which we anchor this state so that you'll be able to access it whenever you want (This hypnosis alone has changed the lives of many of my clients who used to suffer from premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction).


  • We discuss the different forms of "Sensual Touch" and "Sexual Touch" and you learn how to touch your woman outside the bedroom and inside the bedroom to drive her wild.
  • I share a highly effective "Touch Sequence" with you that has helped some of my clients to reverse their DeadBedroom relationships and turn them into highly sexual relationships.
  • You learn the art of sexually, playfully and dominantly teasing a woman up to a point where she's so wet that she wants to feel you inside of her.
  • We discuss different ways, speeds, and intensities with which you can undress your woman to create maximum pleasure for her...while she gets naked for you.


  • We discuss practical techniques and a step-by-step strategy how you can turn the next shower session with your woman into an unforgettable erotic adventure for her...and give her the first orgasm before she can get the towel.
  • I share my secret "Boobs Stimulation" moves with you that I used to turn women on in such a fast and intense way that they reached a climax before I even penetrated them.
  • I show you all the massage techniques that I learned in two separate massage courses and how you can use these techniques to massage her neck, her butt and her inner thighs for ultimate pleasure.
  • You learn how to transition from an innocent neck and shoulder massage to a full body massage where she ends up being naked, soaking wet and begging you to finally f$ck her.


  • You learn EVERYTHING about female anatomy and about ways to stimulate the clitoris that 99.99% of men could never imagine (heck, most guys don't even know where the clitoris is located)
  • We discuss the powerful "Oral Sex Secrets" that I used to lick countless women to an orgasm that made them burry my head between their legs while moaning louder than any pornstar.
  • I reveal the secrets to good anal sex, as well as my "Anal Sex Preparation List" and what you absolutely must avoid if you want to stick your penis in her chocolate factory.
  • You master the art of making a woman squirt by learning everything about the anatomy of the G-Spot, where to find it and exactly how to stimulate it.


  • I share the 3 Secrets of Orgasmic Penetration with you that will drive your woman absolutely wild and will make her beg for your dick all day long.
  • We have a look at well-known and very creative sex positions and assess which positions are optimal for you to provide your woman with the most pleasure
  • I share countless role play ideas with you that I have successfully used and I also show you how to make these ideas a part of your adventurous sex life.
  • You learn about the Dominance & Submission Dynamic, how you can use it to satisfy any woman in a BDSM and in a non-BDSM scenario and how to give her EXACTLY what she needs in bed by helping her to embrace her sexual energy.


  • You learn about the power of Erotic Hypnosis and how you can use it (ONLY with her consent!) to sexually stimulate and penetrate a woman's mind by creating the exact hypnotic scenarios that she wants you to create for her.
  • I reveal the Sexual Hypnotic Language Patterns that some of my clients have used to make their girlfriends come within minutes after not being able to give them an orgasm EVER.
  • You learn how to combine creative role play ideas and Hypnotic Language Patterns into a powerful sexual skill that I call "Hypnotic Role Playing" and how you can use this to create role plays with your girlfriend or wife that you both will cherish for the rest of your lives. 
  • We discuss different situations and dynamics that are perfect for Sexual Hypnotic Language Patterns, how to speak to the arousal center in her brain and how you can make all her fantasies come true by choosing the right words. 


During the 8 weeks of The Sex God Transformation Program, you also get unlimited WhatsApp mentoring and messaging support from me because I will do everything in my power to help you to succeed at becoming the man and lover you always dreamed of becoming.

The moment you join this transformational 8-Week Coaching Program, you get immediate access to my private WhatsApp number. Whenever you feel like giving up or whenever you feel overwhelmed, I'm here for you and ready to motivate you, inspire you, and remind you that an amazing sex life is waiting for you.

Now you have to make a decision...

You can either invest in the...

Sex God Transformation Coaching Program

...and become the best lover she ever had, make her sexually addicted to you, and make her loyal to you forever.

Here's what Tim from the USA has to say about his coaching experience:

Here's what Mark from the USA has to say about his coaching experience:

Or you can continue to do NOTHING about your situation and end up like these poor guys...

The choice is yours...

Here's the next step you can take RIGHT NOW to change your sex life forever:

  • Fill out the inquiry form below and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.
  • We'll schedule a FREE 30-Minute call in which I share more details about the 8-Week Sex God Transformation Program.
  • We will transform your sex life one session at the time and make sure that you have what it takes to satisfy ANY woman in bed, no matter how long it has been since she had an orgasm and since you gave her one.

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  • Hypnosis 3: Fall in Love With Your Body for More Confidence in the Bedroom (Valued at $49.99)
  • Hypnosis 4: Recondition Your Mind to Stronger & Harder Erections (Valued at $49.99)

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