30-Day Sexual Mastery Mentorship program


  • You had the opportunity to send me a message whenever things are not working in the bedroom and I give you the necessary advice & confidence boost that you need in this exact moment. 
  • You felt completely calm and relaxed before having sex with your girlfriend, wife or the woman you are about to go on a date with because I answer all your questions, take away your fears, and annihilate your insecurities. 
  • You have someone by your side who supports you when you struggle in your relationship, with your sexual health, or with your sexual skills.
  • You don't ever have to worry about sexual guilt, shame, or fears in relation to sex anymore because we can talk about everything openly and honestly.
  • You had the chance to exchange ideas with me EVERY DAY that help you to improve your sex life, rescue your relationship, and that give you the power to make every woman you sleep with happy...and I mean REALLY happy.
  • How easy it could be for you to develop the sexual confidence that women can't resist and to become the best lover the woman you sleep with has ever had in her entire life.
  • You knew with 100% certainty that nothing in regards to female sexuality and female pleasure would stay a mystery for you because you can contact me as your mentor multiple times a day and ask me anything you want...you have 24/7 access to me, my knowledge and my experience. 

Be honest with yourself...

"How much time did you already waste trying to figure it out alone while you are STILL NOT getting the results you want?"

Have you wasted weeks in a new relationship NOT being able to satisfy your new girlfriend while you are constantly asking yourself if her ex-boyfriend was able to give her the orgasms YOU are NOT able to give her?

Have you already spent months in a relationship with a woman who slowly but steadily loses sexual interest in you because you just can't seem to give her the pleasure that other men would be able to give her? 

Do you look back at the past years in your marriage and you have come to the painful yet important realization that your wife doesn't desire you anymore (or maybe never has) because she was never able to feel sexually satisfied with you as her husband and lover?

I've been in the EXACT same situation that you are trapped in right now:

  • I was not able to satisfy the women I slept with no matter if it was a one-night stand, friends with benefits relationship or a monogamous relationship and it not only frustrated me...it made me feel less of a man. 
  • I had nobody to talk to in the moments when I needed help and guidance the most and it took me years of research, experimenting, and interviewing sex therapists, escorts, and the women I shared a bed with until I finally figured out what women REALLY want and REALLY respond to (Hint: It's the opposite of what mainstream media tries to sell us). 
  • I wasted years of my life NOT being able to satisfy women sexually and NOT having the privilege to enjoy this immense feeling of pride that you WILL experience when a woman is moaning your name and pressing her body against yours while shaking from an intense orgasm that YOU just gave her. 

"It would be an honor for me if you allowed me to mentor you on your journey towards sexual mastery."

Here's how the 30-Day Mentorship Program works:

  • You send me your inquiry email (scroll down a bit to see the simple instructions).
  • I get back to you within 24 hours and we'll schedule a FREE 15-Minute call in which I share more details about the 30-Day Mentorship Program with you.
  • You decide to join the 30-Day Mentorship Program, get access to my WhatsApp (or another messenger app of your choice) and you can ask me multiple messages EVERY DAY....and you have someone who holds you accountable and makes sure that you finally gain the power to satisfy any woman you want and to experience what it feels like when she snuggles up to you completely exhausted after you have given her one of many life-altering orgasms that night. 

But before you send me your inquiry email I have to ask you an important question:

"Are you a good fit for the 30-Day Mentorship Program?"

  • You are a coachable action-taker who is dedicated to becoming the best lover YOUR WOMAN has ever had. You are willing to follow my guidance, you appreciate honest feedback, and you stop making excuses for yourself. I'm 100% dedicated to giving you the sex life and the sexual skills you always dreamed of and you should have the same attitude. 
  • You see sexual mastery as a holistic concept and you are willing to improve all areas of your life which can easily lead to more financial success, a better social life, and incredible career opportunities for you because you will become a more confident, proud, and fulfilled man in this process. But you have to be willing to put in the work AND you have to be willing to give women pleasure from a place of love & curiosity
  • You are willing to invest in yourself and you are not a freebie seeker who is desperately looking for the cheapest option. As the incredible man you are and the amazing lover you are about to become, you only want THE BEST option and you know that making an investment in yourself RIGHT NOW creates the sexually confident, sexually fulfilled, and sexually skilled FUTURE 2.0 VERSION of you that every woman wants to be intimate with. 

"Are you ready to make the next 30 days THE DEFINING TIME that led you to the sexual power that was always hidden deep inside of you?"

Now send me your inquiry email with the subject line "mentorship" and you'll hear from me within 24 hours:

sebastian@ sexucationformen.com

"Do you still have questions?"

Feel free to send me an email at sebastian@ sexucationformen.com. I promise that I won't bite and that I will reply within 24 hours.

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